Books: Our books are sold by weight, $6.99 per pound (or less)! This usually means our books are selling for an average of one-fourth the original list price. Of course, bargain-hunting is always in season, as thousands of our books are marked down to 50% off ($3.49 per pound) and thousands more are only 99 cents.

We are constantly stocking new books and replenishing our shelves. Each time you visit our store, we hope you find pleasure browsing our rotating and “fresh” selection of books.

 DVDs: we sell feature films, TV shows, children’s movies and documentaries of all genres. DVDs are $4 per disc unless marked to 50% off, in which they are $2 per disc.

 CDs: we sell CDs of all genres in two categories: premium $4 CDs and bargain $1 CDs. The $4 CDs are high-demand, mainstream titles in very good condition, separated into genres, and alphabetized by artist. If you are willing to do a little hunting and gathering, though, you will surely unearth treasures amongst our thousands of $1 CDs!

 LPs: a small but growing section, LPs cost $3.99 per pound unless otherwise marked. We are always looking to expand this section, so please think of us if you have any records to sell!

Video Games: one of our smaller sections, but we do have a rotating selection of games for all systems.

Literary Shirts, Coffee Mugs, Mousepads, Phone Covers, and More!: From Babar the Elephant to Kurt Vonnegut to Zora Neale Hurston, we have originally designed items celebrating some of history’s most beloved and important writers, thinkers, artists, and stories. We also have designs celebrating local businesses, Evanston, and Chicago. Express your love for your city with a shirt, or show off your artistic taste with a unique coffee mug.

If you run a local business and are interested in selling merchandise with us, please contact