What to know about selling to us:

- We DO NOT buy books by weight. Our offers are based on DEMAND OF THE TITLE and our supply of it.

- We limit what you can bring in to us to 2 medium size boxes or 4 paper grocery bags per customer, per day.

- We buy all types of books, cds, dvds/blu ray and LPs. We do not buy vhs, cassettes, journals or magazines.

- We give you an offer for the LOT you bring in, i.e. our offers are for everything you bring in; you don't have to take anything back.

​- We pay cash and offer store credit.

- We cannot make an offer or estimate until we see the items.

- No appointment is needed; we usually buy any time we're open. There are rare times where an offer cannot be given immediately.
We do offer a drop off option.

- Sellers under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

- We reserve the right to decline to buy merchandise.