Market Fresh Books is a used bookstore located in downtown Evanston, a short walk from Northwestern University and the Davis Street Purple Line stop. We are a destination for book lovers of all ages looking to discover good books at affordable prices. We are committed to serving the Chicagoland community, Northwestern University, teachers, students, and readers from all walks of life.


Our “deli-style” philosophy is based on the idea that books in high demand should not cost an arm and a leg. Consider the cost of an average salad bar: $8.99 per pound. Well, we sell books for $6.99 per pound (or less)! This usually means our books are selling for an average of one-fourth the original list price. Of course, bargain-hunting is always in season, as thousands of our books are marked down to 50% off ($3.49 per pound), and furthermore, thousands more are only 99 cents.


We are constantly stocking new books and replenishing our shelves. Each time you visit our store, we hope you find pleasure browsing our rotating and “fresh” selection of books. We strive to put high-quality, in-demand books on our shelves, and hope you enjoy our selection. If you need help finding a book, our friendly staff is always available to assist.


Visit us in person or check out our online shop,! Literate Gifts encompasses our complete collection of shirts, mugs, phone cases and more, all featuring important literary and historical figures. Each item is custom designed and hand made using high quality materials. Most of our merchandise is made using a dye sublimation process, which means the ink is vaporized into the material when it is printed. This ensures superior, long-lasting images. The garments are soft without the dreaded iron on feel.


While Literate Gifts houses all our designs and styles, you will find a selection of our products alongside the books in our store, as well. If you see something on the Literate Gifts website you would like to purchase and pick up in the Evanston store, just order it on and shoot us a message that you are local.